SimpleGifts Life-Line-Fund

There’s no two ways about it – musicians’ livelihoods have recently been wiped-out and the pandemic has negatively affected all of us. We still believe that music is our best way to help heal others. We invite you to consider contributing to the SimpleGifts Life-Line-Fund. Your gifts will immediately impact the losses we are still experiencing as we try to heal the world with music. All of our upcoming shows have been restricted to just 25% of total capacity and this fund will help bridge the gap for members of our band and crew. It is hard asking for help and we know not everyone is in a position to throw us a “Life-Line”. Even an encouraging comment would mean a lot –

There are two ways to donate, either via PayPal or Venmo.  Instructions for each are below.

PayPal Donation Options:

Option 1. Visit this link *Unselect “for goods and services”

Option 2*. While logged in to your PayPal account, send money to @SimpleGiftsMusicMN *Be sure to mark as gift to “friends and family.

Venmo donation options:

Option 1. While logged in to your Venmo account, send money to @SimpleGifts-Music

Option 2. Scan QR code

Pay by Check Donation Option:

Make Checks payable to:

PO Box 10713
White Bear Lake, MN 55110