2020 Christmas From Marine-On-St-Croix: all four Sundays after Thanksgiving plus Wednesday 12/23

SimpleGifts proudly announces a new take on our annual holiday tour for this year. 2020 Christmas From Marine-On-St-Croix features both a limited number of “in-person, socially-distanced, intimate-performance” tickets AND convenient live-stream options for our fans who prefer an in-home holiday experience across the globe.

All four Sunday’s after Thanksgiving at 3:30pm CentralTime(US) we will perform our holiday show at the historic Marine-On-St-Croix (MN) City Hall for all who can join us in-person or via FacebookLive and YouTubeLive. Our traditional final night of the tour is always December 23 which will be at 7:30pm CentralTime.

Due to Covid we understand how important the live-stream is for many of you. We are counting on your generosity and willingness to share this option with family and friends across the world. We are excited to offer this new option to include SimpleGifts fans not able to attend in-person. From CA, FL, TX, NY, (and everywhere in-between), Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America – everyone can join in making this our first-ever, truly global, Christmas celebration. 2020 has been a musician’s worst nightmare but we are not quitting!


Here are the details:

November 29, December 6, 13 and 20 at 3:30pm CentralTime* plus December 23 at 7:30pm CentralTime

  • $45 in-person ticket – 50 person maximum with active ventilation (photo here). Get tickets here or link below!
      • Includes cookies, coffee, a champagne (or bubbling non-alcoholic) toast PLUS a post-show Q&A with the band.
  • High quality video/audio live-stream on a “pay what you can/donation” basis will be available at Facebook-Live and YouTube-Live via links available at our website at the time of each live-show.  Visit our Donation page here.
      • Live-stream shows will not be available online once completed in real-time until reruns begin at noon December 24.  Reruns will only be available for 24hrs for “pay what you can/donation” basis.


Special feature:

Each week of these Marine shows, we will select a lucky winner who requests a special song from the SimpleGifts holiday song library in advance. That winner will receive a link to Zoom-in live during the show to share why that song is important to them before we perform the song they suggest. Once you pick your request from this list, email us your entry at info@simplegiftsmusic.net


Additional 2020 holiday shows will include: 


Our love for music that shares the traditional values and narrative of the Christmas story mean more than ever to SimpleGifts. Please join us and share with others how they can too.


*all MN Vikings NFL game times are at noon Central.


Be part of our SimpleGifts Stream-Team!

One of the only ways for artists to succeed anymore is for our songs to get added to your play-lists whether you use Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon etc. You can help us get noticed everytime you add one of our songs to your playlists. That’s all you need to do to join our new Stream Team. If you drop us a message about what you added recently we’ll add your name for a monthly drawing to win 2 tickets for one of our upcoming shows: info@simplegiftsmusic.net

Thanks for always supporting SimpleGifts!

There’s no two ways about it – musicians’ livelihoods have recently been wiped-out and the pandemic has negatively affected all of us. We still believe that music is our best way to help heal others. We invite you to consider contributing to the SimpleGifts Life-Line-Fund. Your gifts will immediately impact the losses we are still experiencing as we try to heal the world with music. All of our upcoming shows have been restricted to just 25% of total capacity and this fund will help bridge the gap for members of our band and crew. It is hard asking for help and we know not everyone is in a position to throw us a “Life-Line”. Even an encouraging comment would mean a lot – info@simplegiftsmusic.net

For years fans have been asking if there is way to listen to our music online…well, we are happy to announce that ALL SimpleGifts albums are now available for streaming or purchase across several online platforms!!!

Stream or download at Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and more. Every album from aSimpleGift to the latest, This Christmastide, is available digitally. Stream us to your heart’s content and please take a moment to follow us to stay connected for new music and exclusive playlists!

SimpleGifts is also releasing our first-ever streaming single on Nov 29th! Recorded LIVE at last year’s show in Marine-On-St. Croix, keep an eye out and spread the news about our groundbreaking version on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on Spotify/Amazon/Apple Music!


Here is what you all helped us accomplish for the 2019 Holiday Tour:

November 29 – Waconia Performing Arts Center, Waconia MN
December 6 – Lakeville Performing Arts Center, Lakeville MN
December 7 – Celtic Junction, St Paul MN
December 10 – Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina MN
December 12 – the Myers – Thrivent Community, Woodbury, MN
December 13 – Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Plymouth MN
December 14 – Memorial Auditorium, Worthington MN
December 15 – Paramount Theatre, Austin MN
December 17 – Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington MN -Matinee
December 17 – Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington MN -Evening
December 18 – Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington MN -Matinee
December 18 – Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington MN -Evening
December 19 – Marine City Hall, Marine-On-St-Croix MN
December 20 – Marine City Hall, Marine-On-St-Croix MN
December 21 – Marine City Hall, Marine-On-St-Croix MN
December 22 – Marine City Hall, Marine-On-St-Croix MN
December 23 – Marine City Hall, Marine-On-St-Croix MN



We hope you are having a wonderful 2019 so far!!! We can’t thank you all enough for making our 2018 Holiday Tour so special!

Do you know what we’re most looking forward to in 2019??? That we don’t have to wait 11 months to see you!!! We are thrilled to announce our year-round show, SimpleGifts with Billy McLaughlin presents The Young & the Rest…  An acoustic tribute to Neil Young and the rest of your favorite artists who defined an era and whose popularity endures – Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, America and more.

We are so excited to see you waaaay before November this year :-)

-SimpleGifts with Billy McLaughlin


It is quite something to be booking next year’s Christmas Tour while you haven’t even finished this year’s! That’s what we were busy doing at SG-HQ last December after developing new marketing materials earlier that summer like the videos you can watch here on our site. Getting ahead of the 2018 booking curve has us positioned for a record-breaking year as far as reaching folks who value the true Christmas story shared in song. We will bring SimpleGifts’ reputation as a unique musical force to communities and venues that haven’t seen us in years or will be welcoming us for the first time. Partnering with performing arts centers who have extensive contact lists will create opportunities for more audiences who have had enough of Frosty and Rudolph and are longing to be fed with soulful song-selections, arrangements, recordings and live performances. Our loyalty to long-time presenters and communities is well represented on our 2018 Tour while re-establishing and creating new ones.

Good thing we have our tour bus “Angel” and the best driver in the world, Mr. Danny Bury. We’re gonna be putting on more miles and are already praying it only snows on days we don’t have to travel. The top-notch audio, lighting and set design you are hoping to share with new family and friends you are planning to bring this year is also intact under the leadership of our corp crew – Les, TJ and Larry. We can’t wait for the tour to start!!!


It’s not a change in our name folks! We are still called SimpleGifts featuring Billy McLaughlin. What IS new is our first official “non-holiday” project that will get us out playing  throughout the year. Looking back, the few times we have played outside of our holiday repertoire, gravity seemed to always pull us in the direction of the great harmonies that fit around the music of Neil Young. To hear great female vocalists NOT impersonating Neil’s iconic voice as other tribute groups and Jimmy Fallon have done, is to re-experience his great songwriting newly re-interpreted! It’s like hearing the songs for the very first time!

Add in some Crosby,Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles and America and you have a great title and description:

The Young and the Rest….a tribute to Neil Young and top acoustic artists who defined a generation!

This project is our focus for the remainder of 2018 and 2019 outside of our exciting upcoming Christmastide 2018 Tour. It won’t be our only project with a clever title but we decided to start with what is closest to our hearts. As always, the show involves unscripted improvisational commentary so no two shows are ever the same. We are having a blast on stage and want you in on it time and time again!

SimpleGifts Green Background

After manually assembling lists and saving our fans 100% of 17 years of ticket-fees, we simply can’t pull that off anymore via PayPal. Many of our venues have ticketing programs and fees that are solely under their control and we trust you will be satisfied. For the shows that we self-produce and provide you ticket service, things will look a bit different but we have gone to great lengths to ensure you the absolute lowest fees available – NOTHING like TicketMaster! Thank you for your feedback as we move ahead to modernize this important function of SimpleGifts with kudos to our favorite and long-time office manager, Hannah Day, who will continue to make sure you get in for the show!


Thank you all for making our 2017 Christmastide Tour so memorable! We look forward to seeing you in 2018! For updates about the upcoming Tour season, connect with us via social media and/or subscribe to our e-newsletter.